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Warming the hands and feet of our neighbors in need

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“No matter how you try to make the world

a better place, the first step always starts

with helping each other.”

- Magith Noohukhan

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“No one is useless in this world

who lightens the burdens of another”

-Charles Dickens

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"We change the world a little

each day with our kindness.”

-Tom Giaquinto


Current Happenings

For the second consecutive year, Liberty Mutual Insurance is participating in a volunteer day with HNF. Volunteers will help sort inventory at our location and assist with donation deliveries. Thank you, Liberty Mutual for your continued support! We look forward to joining together again this year.

Looking for a way to bring your company together during the summer months? Contact us to schedule a volunteer day to promote goodwill and outreach in the Charlotte area.



The HandsNFeet Foundation began a partnership with Urban Ministry Center in early 2012 and has been a consistent source of warmth and comfort for our neighbors ever since. Their prompt responsiveness to our requests keep our homeless neighbors feeling loved through new socks and gloves, two things that are necessary to maintaining comfort and even good health.

– Trish Fries, Urban Ministry Center


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2014 Donation Goal: 8,975 of 30,000


Past Donation Goals:

2013: 25,000 items
2012: 20,000 items

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1218 S. Church St
Charlotte, NC 28203